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HRSG Cleaning


HRSG Problems


The standard problems that face each power generation plant that has a HRSG are: 

• Particulate fouling 

• Precipitation fouling or crystallization caused by salts 

• Scaling 

• Chemical reaction fouling 

• Corrosion fouling 

• Biological fouling 

All of these issues increase capital investments, add additional operating costs and as a result, loss in production. 


Dry Ice Blasting and HRSG Cleaning


• The goal of a proper HRSG cleaning is to decrease the back pressure

  and increase heat transfer.

• Utilizing high pressure to better clean the fin tubes.

• 350 PSI at 1300 CFM compressor exclusively.

• Proper planning to ensure each tube lane is addressed.

• Time management affording our team the proper time to perform

  the job.

• Before and after pictures along with borescope inspection after

cleaning to ensure nothing has been missed.

When our team is finished with a HRSG cleaning, our goal is simple…

It is to satisfy the customer, help them to increase their bottom line and allow them to see, firsthand, their ROI.


Dry Ice Blasting and Tube Lane Manipulation

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta uses a custom deep cleaning nozzle. It is the only nozzle that puts dryice on the back side of the tub bundles 

 • Tube lane manipulation is used to gain further access to the deepest parts of the tube bundles. In order to do this, our custom nozzle assembly is inserted to blow high velocity air to ensure cleaning of each tube in the open lane, is accomplished.

• After each lane is cleaned and inspected we move to

  the next opened lane and repeat the process.